Identity Theft

Last modified: 18 April 2012

On October 27, 2009, legislation to combat identity theft was passed by Parliament allowing law enforcement agencies the ability to charge criminals for possessing the personal information of others before it is used for fraud or theft. The CBA has long advocated for such legislation and applauded the passage of the bill.

Identity theft, or the theft of personal information, can be the starting point to a range of crimes — from financial fraud and forgery to abuse of government programs. That is why combating identity theft requires the cooperation and efforts of business, law enforcement, individual consumers and government.

Banks have highly sophisticated security systems and experts in place to protect customers’ information and to protect them from being the victims of financial fraud. They also work closely with law enforcement and help educate consumers about steps they can take to minimize the risk of becoming a victim. Consumers also have a role to play in protecting themselves, however, and must remain vigilant. For more information, read the CBA’s ID theft prevention tips.

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