RSS Feeds

Last modified: 14 November 2013

Which CBA content can I subscribe to?

What is RSS?

RSS means either Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary, or Rich Site Summary depending on the format used. It is a tool that websites use to deliver updated content automatically to subscribers. If you are new to RSS, you might like to watch this video which describes RSS in plain language.

Why is the CBA using RSS?

RSS is an easy and convenient way to learn about the most recent content published on the CBA website. The CBA has set up RSS feeds for our most requested and regularly updated information such as news releases and statistics.

RSS can save you time. Suppose you have 20 news sites and other websites that you like or need to visit regularly. Going to visit each website can take a lot of time. If the website offers RSS feeds, like the CBA, you can subscribe to the feed and get “fed” all the new content from all of these 20 sites and blogs in one list. That one list will be published in your “feed reader” which gathers all the news from the websites you have subscribed to. Then you just need to check your feed reader regularly to read all of your news.

What is a feed reader?

A feed reader is a web page that publishes all the news from the RSS feeds you have subscribed to. Most browsers — Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome — for example, have a built-in reader. You can also subscribe to a feed using a web-based feed reader. Feedly, G2Reader, The Old Reader and Digg Reader are examples of web-based feed readers, although many more are available and can be found by Googling “RSS readers”. Most are free and some have an app version that you can use on your mobile devices.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe using your browser’s built-in feed reader:RSS Icon

  • First, find out if your browser has a built-in reader by looking for an RSS icon, which can usually be found on your browser’s menu bar. (If your browser doesn’t support RSS feeds, then you can subscribe using a web-based reader. Instructions for using a web-based reader are below.)

  • Then choose a feed from the list of available CBA feeds at the top of this page, for example, news releases.

  • Click on the CBA feed and then click the RSS icon in your browser menu bar and follow the instructions to subscribe to the feed.

  • Repeat this process for the remaining CBA feeds, if you like.

Subscribe using a web-based feed reader:

  • First, choose a reader, such as Feedly, G2Reader, The Old Reader, and Digg Reader, or another of your choice and sign up for an account.

  • Then choose a feed from the list of available CBA feeds at the top of this page — news releases, for example.

  • Click on the CBA feed.

  • Copy the link from the address bar.

  • Paste this link into your preferred reader’s ‘add a subscription’ area on its web page and then follow the rest of the instructions.

  • Repeat this process for the remaining CBA feeds, if you like.

How will I know if the CBA has published new information?

The next time you check your feed reader, you will see whether new information has been published for the feed that you have subscribed to. Be sure to check your feed reader regularly.