Backgrounders on Banking Issues

Last modified: 26 July 2016

The CBA’s Backgrounders on Banking Issues give analysis and information on financial services issues and operations in Canada. They are a resource for the public, government and media.

August 2016 ABM Market in Canada
July 2016 How Canadians Bank
July 2016 Fast Facts About the Canadian Banking System
June 2016 What Canadians Think About Their Banks
June 2016 Bank Revenues and Profits
June 2016 Banking Service Fees
June 2016 Competition in the Financial Services Sector
June 2016 Canada’s Efficient and Secure Payments System
June 2016 Banks and Consumers
June 2016 Credit Cards: Statistics and Facts
June 2016 Household Borrowing in Canada
June 2016 Banks and the Alternatives to Payday Loans
June 2016 Protecting Canadians from Fraud
May 2016 Global Banking Regulations and Banks in Canada
April 2016 Combatting Tax Evasion
January 2016 Banks and Interest Rates
December 2015 Farmers and Banking
December 2015 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Lending and More
December 2015 Changes to Canada's Mortgage Market
November 2015 Bank Lending to Businesses
October 2015 Banks and the Economy
October 2015 Banks as Employers
September 2015 Banks and Financial Literacy