Fast Facts

Last modified: 26 July 2016
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Number of bank branches across Canada: 6,348, of which approximately 2,000 are rural and small town branches.

Number of banks in Canada: 80.

Number of bank-owned ABMs across Canada: 18,711.
Number of transactions logged at bank-owned ABMs in Canada (2015): 741 million.
Number of online banking transactions completed with the six largest banks in Canada in 2014: 698.2 million.
Canadians are careful borrowers, and mortgage arrears in Canada remain very low (in fact, as of March 2016 only 0.28% of bank mortgages are in arrears.)
Taxes paid in Canada in 2014 (by the six largest banks): $8.5 billion.
Banks contribute approximately 3.3% to Canada’s GDP.
Taxes paid worldwide in 2014 (by Canada's six largest banks): $11.3 billion.
Amount banks and their subsidiaries paid in salaries and benefits in Canada in 2014: $24.1 billion.
In 2014, banks employed 280,145 Canadians and full-time industry employment has increased by 26.9 per cent over the past ten years.
Number of people employed by Canadian banks in other countries in 2014: 108,070.
Percentage of senior managers with the six largest banks who are women (2014): 34.5%. Women constitute 62% of the workforce at Canada’s six largest banks (excluding subsidiaries).
Banks provide financing to 1.6 million small and medium-sized businesses.
Amount six largest Canadian banks spent on technology in 2014: $9 billion.
Amount six largest Canadian banks spent on technology from 2005 to 2014: $64.9 billion.
Dividend income paid in 2014 by Canada’s banks to shareholders: $14.8 billion.
Canada’s Bank Act is reviewed and updated every five years to ensure the regulatory structure is keeping pace with changes in the industry.
Percentage of Canadians who give banks a good performance rating when it comes to being stable and secure: 87%.
Percentage of Canadians that have a favourable impression of banks in Canada: 84%.
Percentage of Canadians who trust banks to protect the privacy of their personal information and transactions: 80%.
#1 – Canada’s ranking by the World Economic Forum for the most sound banking system in the world, (a ranking achieved eight years in a row).